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  • Incarnation School

    January 17, 2018

    Incarnation School has faced declining enrollment in recent years.  The declining enrollment has caused a strain on the school’s finances.  In fall 2017, the Archdiocese, Incarnation Parish and school leadership established that the school, by January 15, 2018, needed to secure 120 registered students for next school year (2018/19) and secure $600,000 cash to cover operating costs for this school year (2017/18) and next school year (2018/19). 

    Despite best efforts, the enrollment and financial targets were not met with 112 students registered for next school year and $154,000 raised.  As such, the school will close at the end of this school year, effective June 30, 2018.

    We commend the dedicated leaders, faculty and staff of Incarnation School for their tireless work to foster an academically rigorous and faith-filled community.  We are confident it will be a great remaining school year, and the school community will support each other through this time of transition. 

    Please keep the faculty, students and their parents in your prayers.

  • We are looking for a grand piano...

    Do you have a grand piano at home in working and good condition that you no longer play or need? 

    If yes, I invite you to prayerfully consider donating it to our Church.  Through your donation, you can enhance the quality of Music at our Parish for the greater glory and praise of our God.  Please contact us at: 708-597-3180 or 


  • Check out our New Outdoor Stations of the Cross ...

    Have you checked our Marian Garden?

    The entrance is next to the School/Music Room and is open daily 7:00AM to 9:00PM. It is a beautiful, shaded garden that affords a quiet and restful atmosphere for prayer and meditation. There are benches to sit on or a path to walk, whichever suits your need. A shrine to Mary is at the west end of the garden for those who wish to invoke Her prayers for their concerns. Our parishioners maintain this peaceful place. Recently we trimmed all trees in the Marian Garden and majority of them throughout our entire campus. Through the generosity of our parishioner, we purchased and installed the outdoor Stations of the Cross that enhance the beauty of the garden. We encourage all to visit.

  • Welcome the first class relic of St. Faustina Kowalska

    We welcome the first class relic of St. Faustina Kowalska to our Parish! In the specially built reliquary in our Church, you can also find the following first class relics:

    - Holy Cross of our Lord Jesus,
    - St. Maria Goretti,
    - St. John of the Cross,
    - St. Simon Stock,
    - St. Germaine,
    - Bl. Francis Xavier Seelos,

    May God continue to bless our Incarnation Family, and may the Saints intercede for us.

  • Votive Candles at Incarnation!

    In the recent years, parishioners have been asking for votive candles in our Church.  Thanks to some recent generous gifts from anonymous donors, we have been able to purchase two stands of votive candles.  They are in the Perpetual Adoration Chapel and in Church by the Holy Family.
    Each candle will burn for 2 hours.  There is a suggested donation of $2.00 per candle, which can be placed directly in the box attached to each candle stand.  
    In the lighting of candles, we remember and truly live the words of our Lord, “I am the Light of the World.”  After lighting a candle, you should offer a prayer.  Your prayer may thank God for a favor or blessing.  You may thank a particular Saint for intercession for your particular need, or you may bring a petition to our Lord, His Mother, or one of the Saints.  You might want to light a candle in memory of your loved one.  Your lighted candle will join with those left by others as a tangible sign of the combined prayers of our Incarnation Family.  Many small lights make for a greater cumulative brilliance.  When you see those flames, you can offer a prayer for all the needs that they represent in our community of faith.
    There was a challenge to install the votive candles in Church because there was no electrical outlet near the Holy Family that could be used to connect the candle stand.  In a very special way, I want to thank our parishioner – electrician -  James (Jim) Canner for finding the solution and for adding a new electric outlet in our Church.  He performed an excellent job, which was not an easy one and time consuming as well.

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  • Attention Business Owners!

    Our parish bulletin is read by thousands of people each weekend and it is also available on line. This is your opportunity to secure a space to promote your business to our parishioners. To place an ad or get more information, please contact our Parish Office at 708-597-3180 or contact directly, a LPI representative George Velazquez to place an ad today! His email address is gvelazquez@4LPi.com and his phone number is (800) 950-9952, extension #2631. 

    We would like to thank our present advertisers for renewing their ads.

  • The Journey

    Answering the call for the New Evangelization, all leaders and members of all ministries from Formation/Education, Spiritual Life, Parish Life and Human Concerns Commissions participated in the spiritual and evangelical renewal program “Alpha” that was adopted to the current needs of Incarnation Parish and given our own name of “Journey to the Heart of the Faith.” Please watch the video below:

  • Religious Education Program

    Handing on our faith to the next generation of Catholics is one of the most important responsibilities we share as the Church.  

    Incarnation Parish Religious Education Program (REP) is dedicated to this mission!  

    Our goal is to build a community where young disciples and their families not only learn more about the life-saving message of Our Lord Jesus, they truly encounter the love and mercy of Christ through our wonderful catechists, aides, and board members!  

    REP meets from September through May, on Sunday mornings or Monday afternoons.  Over 260 kindergarten through eighth graders currently join in prayer, music, art, and study - bringing our Catholic faith alive!  Every grade lives the mission of Jesus by doing service, in our parish community and beyond. From our first graders who make cards for the nursing home, to our third graders who pray the rosary, to our seventh graders who serve as junior catechists, all our young disciples learn the importance of "washing feet."  We also worship together and learn about the Holy Mass: all our grades attend "class Masses" with their catechists throughout the year, to deepen their understanding of and relationship to the Eucharist.  

    From Mr. B. Fuesel and Mrs. C. Smarz, who have been catechists for over thirty years, to Nick, Carissa, Becca, Alex, Ana, and Jackson, our high school helpers, everyone in REP is welcome to share their time and giftedness!  And our REP Board is amazing - hard working and strong in their faith.  Every summer they gather for an overnight retreat, spending time in prayer, reflection, and spiritual growth.  

    Please keep our religious education program, our children, their families, our catechists, aides and staff, in your prayers - that the Holy Spirit of God continue to bless us and inspire us. 

    Also please stop by the Religious Education office to register your child(ren) to our wonderful program, call at 708.388.4005 for more informtion or check out our REP web page by clicking HERE.

    Kathy McNicholas - Pastoral Associate & Director of Religious Education Program

  • Gift Cards Sales

    We sell GIFT CARDS 

    in the Church Vestibule:

    First Saturday of the Month
    between 3:45 PM - 4:00 PM
    and 5:00 - 5:15 PM

    Every Sunday between 8:30 AM - 11:15 AM 

    and in the School Office Office:

    Monday - Friday 7:45 AM - 11:30 AM 

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